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The names of Directors of all NSE-listed companies and unlisted financial sector companies and snapshot reports are freely available on the website, without registration.

For any additional information, you shall be asked to register (Note: Please register using your official Email ID only. In case you do not have any official Email ID and still wish to access the database, you can write to us directly at stating your purpose for database access and specifying your data requirements). Once you have registered, a Password shall be released to you within 24 hours.

Using the Password, you shall be able to view data for a limited number of companies/directors as well as view limited results for the Special Reports. This limited access shall give you a complete sense of the database including fields, coverage, search facilities, output reports etc.

Once you have exhausted your limited access and you wish to access more data, please write to us at stating your purpose for database access and specifying your data requirements.

To view more data, you need to register with us.

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